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ionCube Inatallation. How to install ionCube?
ionCube Inatallation
Web Development and Web Technology
Written by Nikolay Gul   

How to isntall ionCube?
Installation of ionCube PHP Loader

1. Verify the type of server being used, for example: Linux x86_64

2. If there is an existing Ioncube folder and the site is not working, might as well delete the existing ones and re-upload/extract the new ioncube files.

3. Now depending on the application, the following steps will vary.

4. Have an ioncube folder (with all ioncube files) located out of the public_html folder (example: home/username/ioncube)

5. Modify the php.ini file to have the following lines (below the [ZEND] line and above any other zend commands):

6. Copy all of the php.ini files to all sub-folders (search the FAQ of how to do this, quickly and easily).

7. Run a test, if the test fails, continue with below.

8. Copy the ioncube folder into the root of the site being used.

(Example: home/username/public_html/ioncube)

9. Modify the php.ini file with the following changes to the path:

10. Copy the php.ini file to all sub-folders.

11. Conduct a test, the test should succeed.

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